Activities – Need some ideas?

Looking for new ideas for your youth group? Chances are you already have your own resources but here are activities that some of our youth leaders have done or used and are willing to share with you.

Have some activities that you’d like to share with others? Contact Rev. Cheryl at

Online Puzzles & Games

Bingo Online

One person said that she played it with her grandchildren (11 and 7 years old). Together, they pick a theme, and the grandchildren help her build the card. Then they play Bingo with the cards they created. Here’s the link to the bingo card generator: .

Creativity Games (Brainstorming)

Here are some brainstorming tricks that can be used in any number of situations:

Crossword Puzzle Generator

Have youth come up with a topic, questions or clues and one-word answers – then generate the crossword puzzle. It’s pretty easy to use:


Kahoot! ( is a game-based learning platform that brings engagement and fun to 1+ billion players every year at school, at work, and at home. It’s used in many schools and teachers & students generally love it.  Check it out!


Mentimeter is another program that has come into its own during the lockdowns.  All of its features are available for free and you can easily try them out on its main page to get an idea of what you can do with the site: Advanced customization is available only with subscription.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are popular with many youth groups. They can easily be customized for indoor hunts, You can google “scavenger hunt” and find a lot of different ideas that can be done even with the restrictions we have encountered the past couple of years (i.e., social distancing and church building closures). Here are a few that I found using google:

Scavenger Hunts

Photo Scavenger Hunt
This idea was submitted by Julie Alewine to Ministry to Youth. How to Play:  Combine as many items listed as possible into one picture and text it to the leader. First to respond with the most points wins!

Items posted on one list included: pillow, toilet paper, Bible, adult, mismatched socks, stuffed animal, keys, spoons, coins, and food. Extra points for pet, musical instrument, etc. Feel free to modify the items on the list or the points awarded.

Trivia Maker

Trivia Maker ( is a fun and relatively easy way to create different types of games.

If you aren’t sure of how a game works, you can try many of them in the “public games” area. You can create “Jeopardy” game with categories and levels; a “Trivia” game with basic multiple choice; a “Wheel of Fortune” game
where you solve puzzles by guessing hidden letters; a “Tic-Tac-Toe” where, if you are “O” and answer correctly, you can place your “O” in the square; and a “List” game where you try to name the top answers to the question (e.g., name something you soak).

Some games are free but “wheel of fortune” and “tic-tac-toe” require a paid subscription. Right now, the paid subscription is $19/year!

Youth Downloads (Ministry)

This site ( is geared for youth ministry. It has games, ideas, sermon outlines, sermon series artwork, templates. You can download for free and try out some of the games. There are links to YouTube videos for instructions on how to customize things. If you like what you find, you are encourage to make a donation to support the work. Some of his templates are
“souped up versions” from triviamaker quizzes.

More Activity Ideas