Activities – More ideas?

Do you want an activity that  is a little more active / interactive?  Here are a few ideas.

Youth Mission Project: Walk-a-thon

This activity teaches about Mission in a way that youth have to do more than just ask for money; they have to earn it (e.g., by walking 4 km or baking/selling, etc.):

  1. Introduce the concept to youth, parents and adults.
  2. Staple the pledge sheet to the outside of a large envelope. Add a pencil inside the envelope.
  3. On the two Sundays prior to the scheduled walk:
    – Hand out a pledge sheet/envelope to the children after Sunday school;
    – Ask that they collect pledges from the adults during “Coffee Hour” (or after- service fellowship time).
    – Collect all pledge sheets/envelopes at the end of Coffee Hour before youth leave.
    – Repeat two steps above for the Sunday prior to the scheduled walk.
  4. The day of the walk, all youth and adult supervising walkers enter the Sanctuary with the Minister at the beginning of the worship service. The Minister addresses the youth and prays for them, blesses them.
  5. The walkers then leave the Sanctuary and walk 4 km (takes one hour). Upon their return, they get a snack (granola bars, water, bananas). More pledges can be collected the day of the walk.
  6. The money collected goes towards a charity; we sponsor our local food bank of which we are a founding member.
  7. The givings are added to the member’s yearly givings to the church.

Youth Mission Project: Chili Lunch

Again, the point is not to have the youth ask for money but to have them do something to raise funds.

  1. Ask an adult (or older youth) to prepare a pot of chili that would serve about 20 people (large crockpot). How many pots of chili you have will depend on the number of people you think will come.
  2. Set up tables and chairs in main hall.
  3. During Sunday School time, youth prepare for the lunch: tablecloth, place mats, utensils, serviettes, decorative centrepieces, salt and pepper, butter/margarine, hot sauce, bowls of sour cream, baskets of bread/buns, glasses for juice or water, bowls of oranges & cake for dessert. Coffee and tea are prepared by others.
  4. After the service and fellowship time, the Minister says Grace and everyone takes a seat.
  5. Youth (or adults) ladle the chili into bowls. Youth serve those seated at tables. They eat after everyone has been served.
  6. Afterwards, youth pick up the dirty dishes and then serve dessert.
  7. Youth clean up in the kitchen.
  8. Diners pay for their meal with a free-will offering.

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