Fundraising – More Ideas

Here are some fundraising ideas (arranged in alphabetical ordeR) from Canada Youth 2018:

  1. Celebrity Doodle Auction
    Though this idea can take some time, it can yield amazing results. Send requests to celebrities asking for their one-of-a-kind doodles for auction. The more you approach, the better your chances of return. You may be surprised what you get in return!
  2. Coffee House and Poetry Slam
    Set up a microphone and invite people to share a favorite poem they have written or one written by their favorite poet. Sell coffee house drinks.
  3. Flower Sale
    Team up with a florist or floral distributor. Sell roses for Valentines Day or spring bouquets for Mothers’ Day. Provide a delivery service along with the promotion to create additional funds.
  4. Luau for Love
    A pig roast + tiny drink umbrellas x grass skirts = equation for a fun time. Charge admission and sell drinks. Hula contests optional!
  5. Message in a Bottle
    Sell messages in your school papers or company newsletters. Parents may want to wish their children a happy birthday. Students may want to put in a funny photo. Co-workers might use the space to advertise items for sale or to thank someone for a job well done.
  6. Movie Night
    Approach your local theater or movie store to ask about sponsorship initiatives. Many will either give you a discount or provide the event for free with the promise of publicity. If you can offer inexpensive admission, plus donated concession snacks, your Night at the Movies fundraising event will bring in gold!
  7. Mystery Dinner
    Offer couples a great night out on the town complete with dinner and entertainment. Contract for a group rate at a local inn or restaurant with a large reserved dining room. Work with a local theater group for script and performers.
  8. Penny Wars
    Teams compete by decorating and filling jars with pennies with the object of collecting the most pennies. Competitors can throw other coins (and bills) in competing jars to throw off the penny total. The team with the highest penny total (minus the other change) wins!
  9. Root Beer Floats
    Sell root beer floats for $2. Fairly low cost with a minimal number of volunteers needed. Pick a hot day in a busy location, and watch the donations roll in!
  10. Seed Drive
    In the spring, canvas local gardeners and garden centres for donations of seeds, seedlings or bedding plants and host an afternoon of garden sales in the church yard.
  11. Set Your Feet Up for a Day
    Raffle off tickets for a chance to sit in a recliner and watch movies for an entire lunch break or class period.
  12. Stanley Cup Playoff Party
    Have a party, charge admission and have people bring lots of food. OR $ Hockey Night with Hogies: Offer pre-ordered sub sandwiches that will be delivered during the game.
  13. Treasure Chest
    Fill a chest with donated prizes and sell keys to open the chest.
  14. Video Game Tournament:
    Think you are the best gamer among your friends? Prove it! Charge entry fees and have a concession stand and settle in.

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