Have Information to Share?

Perhaps you have attended a workshop or conference and have notes you would like to share. Email me at so I can upload them onto the Shared Notes page.

Virtual Youth Group (COVID-19 era)

COVID-19 has certainly changed the picture of what youth groups do – how they function in this area of physical distance.

But what an opportunity for reaching out beyond our physical group! Check out our COVID-19 / Virtual Youth Group page.

Need Help? Need More Information?

Youth leaders often feel they are on their own – but they shouldn’t be. The Minister, Session and congregation are there to support them. So is the Presbytery Ministry Animator (email me:

These resource pages are also provided to support youth leaders and provide a way for youth leaders to support one another.

The Resource list is an alphabetical list organized by topic; the Shared Space list is an alphabetical list organized by workshop or conference.

Topic Resource
Need Ideas for Activities? Check out: Activity Suggestions
Need Basic Information? Check out: Youth Ministry 101 and Getting Digital
Want to Run a Fundraiser or Apply for a Grant? Check out: Fundraising Activities and Grants pages.
Need More Training or Training in a Specific Area? Check out the Animator’s Workshops pages or contact me:
Need Some Material? Check out the Animator’s Workshops pages or contact me: I do have some resources (e.g., confirmation material, books, samples) that I can send you – or possibly get for you.
Need More Support? Remember, Jesus took time to withdraw and pray and then come back to reach out to others. You need to do the same. Check out the Animator’s Spiritual Development page.

Remember, Jesus didn’t do it all on his own. He had helpers. Ottawa is blessed with a number of organizations that youth ministers can tap into. Check out the Christian Youth Organizations page.

Wanted to Attend a Specific Workshop but Couldn’t? If someone else attended, they have may posted their notes online. Check out the Shared Space page.