Here is some information on grants available to congregations. If you know of grants that are open to congregations – specifically focusing on youth or youth ministry – please contact Rev. Cheryl so the information can be added.

Presbyterian: Conference Support Fund Application

The purpose of this fund is to assist groups holding conferences in Canada related to ministries of the PCC.

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Presbyterian: Continuing Education for Christian Educators

This grant, coming out of the Creative Ministry fund listed below, makes available one-time grants to encourage participation in leadership training events at either Canada Youth: Youth Ministry Training Track or The Association of Presbyterian Christian Educators (APCE)‘s annual event.

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Presbyterian: Creative Ministry with Children and Youth Fund

The purpose of this fund is to encourage the development of Christian education programs for children and youth, and to cultivate excellence in the area of Christian education leadership within the PCC.

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Presbyterian: Supporting Ministry Grants

Grants are given to support ministry in one of four categories: New Congregational Development; Renewing Ministries; Specialized Ministries; and Sustaining Ministries.

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