Sharing Area

Have you attended a conference or workshop that has given you useful information that you would like to share? Let Rev. Cheryl know because this is the place where youth leaders can share their notes with others.

For your convenience, the information here has been organized according to conference or workshop (reverse chronological order). Other resource pages are organized by topic. This means that information found here might also be found on other resource pages.



– Notes from CYN webinar, April 2: How to serve during the COVID-19 Pandemic / CYN2020

– Notes from GrowCon, January 27: GrowCon 2019

– Notes: Building a Small House. Travis Allison’s presentation at CY 2018
– Notes: Youth Ministry 101. Jacqui Foxall’s presentation at CY 2018
– Notes: Canada Foodgrains Bank. Roberta Gramlich’s presentation at CY 2018
– Game: Handout mentioned in CFB presentation All About Hunger Trivia Game at CY 2018
– Notes: Stir It Up. Ross Lockhart’s presentation at CY 2018
– Notes: Faith Formation in a Secular Age. Andrew Root’s presentation at CY 2018