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The following are some training resources that are available:

Animator Workshops

Part of the Presbytery Ministry Animator position is to offer workshops that clergy, youth leaders, and others may want. Some I can facilitate myself. Others, I will find someone to lead the workshop, a congregation to host it, and organize it.

See workshop offerings

Going Virtual

We all knew it was coming, and some congregations have made great strides in being an online presence. For many of us, however, it was the COVID-19 crisis that has forced us to suddenly develop or expand our online presence. For many of us, it has been a rough ride.

A number of resources do exist to help congregations:
– The Virtual/COVID-19 page offers technical tips, ideas for running virtual youth groups, and links to some of the online material.

– The Going Digital are notes from Travis Allison’s presentation at CY2018 – “Building a Smart House – Social Media and Tech Tools for Youth Ministry”.

If you know of other resources or training material that you would like to share, please contact me.

See Virtual/COVID-19 or Going Digital pages

Shared Notes

One thing the YWG would like to encourage is for people who attend different workshops and conferences to share their notes. The Sharing Resources – Sharing Notes page is where these notes would go.

Right now, we have notes from CY 2018, GrowCon 2019, and CYN’s webinar on How to Serve during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

See the Shared Notes page.

Youth Ministry 101

At CY2018, Jacqui Foxall did a presentation on Youth Ministry 101. On these pages are handouts from her presentation along with my notes summarizing what she said.

 See the Youth Ministry 101 pages